Toronto's Top Indian Wedding Decorators - Modern & Traditional Decor

Toronto’s Indian Wedding Decorators – Modern & Traditional Decor

Toronto Indian Wedding Decorators are offering options for every client and we want to make this search easier for you. Here is our knowledge and working experience of working with few of the very best decoration companies in Toronto & GTA area for Indian weddings. 

Disclaimer : Toronto is full of some very talented decorators, probably the best you can find in North America. Unfortunately, we have only worked with the ones listed below and looking forward to extend our blog every year with new designers and decorators we get to work with. 

Whether it’s a Sikh or Hindu wedding, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (the GTA), all of them have a big demand for decorating their big fat Indian weddings in Toronto.

Receptions are getting bigger and better, I would say Toronto itself is one of biggest North American hubs for good wedding industry related talent for your wedding vendors needs.

Now, if you are seeing wedding receptions getting fanciers and more extravagant, the decor plays a really big part in this.

From Hindu ceremony floral mandap’s to outdoor Sikh weddings, there are decor options in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto for all Indian wedding brides.

If you are planning to put a 30-foot stage and some extravagant roman pillars or if you want to keep your Indian wedding reception a floral affair, it’s all possible here with the GTA wedding industry.

We have personally worked with various decorators and found that there were some of the most amazingly talented designers who we support and trust to work with.

All these Indian decorators are equally talented with lots of experience with Indian wedding decoration business; some have more options for structural pieces and others are more specialized with floral decorations. Thus, we will be categorizing them based on type and scale of decoration they can handle.

Also, keep in mind all these decorators will have their own style and some of them might not be able to create certain Indian reception looks as they may not have in stock the structures you may need to complete the look.

Meet with them, walk around their warehouses and get inspired for your wedding decoration.

First, we will be listing the vendors who are able to handle the bigger scale of decors in alphabetical order.

Diya Decor

Very experienced team and able to create almost all of your Indian wedding dream reception looks. Ricky and Sarika the owners of the business are great to work with. We trust that you will have a great service with them.


Design Studio Location: Etobicoke


Dream Party Decor

Their team has signature looks and has over a decade of experience in the Indian wedding decoration business. They are able to meet all your fancy wedding decor needs whether it’s gigantic decor pieces or fountains at your reception.


Design Studio Location: Mississauga


GPS Decor

Another grand experience is GPS decor. Known for their white fairytale structures and have almost everything anyone may want for their wedding decor.


Design Studio Location: Mississauga

Karma Design

Very experienced team and Piyush takes the time to educate the clients about design. All our clients that have worked with them in the past have also said one common thing that experience itself was very educational. A very reliable and honest way of handling business and one decorator you should meet for sure for your wedding decor needs.


Design Studio Location: Brampton

Best Indian decorators Toronto

Starzz Design and Decor

Sonika and her team are super easy to work with. She has a very great approach to design and has joined the big Indian decorator’s team in such a short time.  We have worked with their team multiple times; reliability is never going to be an issue working with Starzz Design and Decor.
Design Studio Location: Brampton

All the above decorators can handle almost all your Sikh or Hindu wedding decoration needs.

Now we move to a different type of Indian decoration category. The below vendors may not carry big structural pieces and their work is more towards floral and unique structural pieces.

Design Mantra

 Great team to work with, we have had the opportunity to work with them numerous times. Supriya personally takes good care of her clients and that is why our clients like working with her.
Design Studio Location: Mississauga


A very different type of Indian wedding decor. Minimalistic look with golds and glass with a royal wine sofa. If you are like that type of design, Anil is a great option from Soiree. Their portfolio is very different and you should check them out if this sounds like you.


Design Studio Location: Brampton


Lemon Truffle

Another designer with a very floral approach to designing your Indian weddings. We had the opportunity to work with them only once but they were great to our past clients and only heard good things from them.
Design Studio Location: Mississauga

Xclusive Decor

One of the most popular designs for Indian wedding decor, Nav and Sukhy from Xclusive are great to work with and we would highly recommend to check them out as they are full of Indian wedding design inspirations. If you are looking for that clean gold trims or a colourful sangeet inspiration check them out.
Design Studio Location: Etobicoke
Now we have given you enough wisdom about your Indian decor vendors in the GTA and Toronto for Indian weddings and receptions; please note these are all great vendors to work with you have to find your style by meeting with them.

Here are some of the vendors you would absolutely need to take your wedding decoration to another level.

A) Floor Wraps –

We feel any decoration of any scale needs floor wraps to give that clean look. Whether it’s the colourful designs for your dance floor on your Indian sangeet night or the white with gold trims for your grand reception. Unfortunately, a lot of other cities in North American do not have vinyl floor options.

Photography Tip

If you ask us as photographers why you need dance floor vinyl wraps; we will just say one thing, it gives your reception a very clean look rather than a wooden dance floor. The vinyl floor wrap will also enhance your images and just look cleaner altogether.
There are only two good vendors that we know of currently in this category.

Designer Dance Floor 

The most popular team in this field is two brothers Harpreet and Tony. Great individuals to work with and have one of the best designs ready for you to wrap your Indian wedding dance floor.
Studio Location: Mississauga

Marquee Design 

Marquee is another great option and the only option for your dance floor vinyl wraps for Indian wedding receptions in Toronto and surrounding areas of Mississauga, Brampton and others.
Studio Location:

B) Led Floor

If you are planning to add glam to your dance floor there is one more option other than vinyl floor wraps and that is the LED Dance Floor. Available usually in white and black option LED AFFAIR is one the best vendor to work with you in this category.
Studio Location:


You may need florists to pair with any of these decoration options. Usually, all Indian wedding decorators in Brampton and Mississauga area will have a partnership with a florist but if you are planning special fresh flowers for your wedding mandap and reception, check out the following vendors for all your floral needs. Also, all the vendors below also make beautiful custom bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and more.


They have been great to work and they work with major wedding decoration vendors and is the preferred partner for a lot of Indian decorators here in Toronto.

Jasmine Florists

One of the most experienced florists in the South Asian Industry is Jasmine Florists, They understand florals and have experience working on very high-end projects in the industry. Recently they did floral canopy for Kismat Wedding Show.



Please talk to these vendors and find out the best of their services. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog on GTA’s best Sikh temples to get married – here 

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