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International Love story – Maria and Alex

Love has no boundaries. When two people are meant to be together they will find each other. Here is an exceptionally magical international love story of two strangers finding their way together.

International love story engagement shoot 1

Born and raised in Mexico, fell in love in China!

Maria and Alex are both from Cancun, but did not meet there. In fact, they were strangers until they met in China. After high school, they both planned, individually, to go to China and that is where they met while learning Mandarin.

International love story engagement shoot 2


Now back in Cancun, Maria is an active couch surfer and loves meeting travellers and sharing stories about her travels. Alex loves to party and knows the party scene in Cancun like no one else.

International love story engagement shoot 3


The two of them share amazing chemistry which is evident in the images telling their story.

International love story engagement shoot 4

Keeping with Maria & Alex’s story, our photo shoot also took its own turn. Nothing went according to plan. The beach was full of people and by the time we got to shoot, it was darker than expected. We took to the other side of the beach to a lagoon, which is a beautiful location for wedding shoots, and there is always so much to photograph around the area.

International love story engagement shoot cancun


Despite not being able to set up the scene for a romantic candle light dinner and the wind testing us, we managed to get some amazing shots of Maria & Alex enjoying their Valentine’s day!

International love story engagement shoot

Photos by Vig and Gurbir

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